Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today in class, my teacher said the simplest of sentences, but the impact was huge.  While we were discussing what we did yesterday afternoon, my teacher mentioned that her whole family got together during the evening to spend time together.  I found it amazing how a mom, and 5 of her children with families of their own make time to get together at someone's house every Tuesday for the evening.  They will cook dinner for each other, spend time worshiping, read the bible and then pray.  Instead of spending time with friends or with their own families, this family unit will share that time in the company of each other.  I found this absolutely amazing, especially since distance doesn't keep these people apart.  I live 5 to 30 minutes from some family members and we are lucky to see each other every other week, whereas my teacher and her family only walk to each other's houses and that walk could last up to an hour.  Just imagine walking an hour to your families house only to spend an hour with each other and then return!  That is dedication.  As my teacher was telling me all of this, she said something that really impacted me.  She said that while she was praying, she made sure to thank God for allowing me to be her student and to give my safety and health while I am here in Guatemala.  I am so lucky to have that kind of relationship with my teacher that she will pray for me on a daily basis!  I felt so blessed after hearing that and knowing that I am taken care of even in a different country.  

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